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Persuasive Brief Writing - Structure and Organization

Structure and Organization

Unclear and unpersuasive legal writing often comes from undeveloped analysis and undisciplined organization. This webinar explores best practices for structuring and organizing briefs, including how to most effectively frame arguments, use authority and find a winning theme. It also takes a fresh look at an old law school war horse — : I(ssue) R(ule) (A)nalysis C(onclusion) – one of the few rules in life from which there’s virtually never cause to deviate.

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Hon. Daniel Patrick Duffy

Judge Daniel Patrick Duffy was appointed to the bench in April 2014 and is presently assigned to the First Municipal District, Civil Section, where he presides over a jury trial… Read More

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Nora Schweighart

Nora Schweighart is a Senior Counsel at Boeing. She was previously a partner with Kirkland & Ellis. Read More

Susan Valentine
Susan Valentine

Susan Valentine is a founding partner of Valentine Austriaco & Bueschel, P.C. For more than 30 years, Susan has handled disputes, and when necessary, actively litigated a wide range of… Read More

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