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Bankruptcy Transactions - Representing Asset Purchasers

Representing Asset Purchasers in Bankruptcy 2021

Representing an asset purchaser in a bankruptcy proceeding presents unique benefits and challenges for a professional business advisor. Companies considering acquiring assets out of bankruptcy must understand more than the simple concept of acquiring the target assets “free and clear,” under the Bankruptcy Code. As such, professionals advising these companies must understand and be able to counsel their clients regarding various matters, such as the benefits and drawbacks of serving as a “stalking horse,” asset purchaser; drafting and negotiating the terms of an asset purchase agreement and sale order with the bankrupt debtor and other parties involved in the bankruptcy proceedings; strategies for acquiring assets at auction or by alternative means; and seeking bankruptcy court approval of a proposed transaction. For 2021, professionals must also understand the impact that the economic programs enacted under the CARES Act may have on purchasing such assets. This webinar focuses on understanding these concepts and addressing best practices for advanced reorganization practitioners and advisors.

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Webinar Faculty


Mark Melickian
Mark Melickian

Mark Melickian leads Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Helsinger LLP’s restructuring practice. Over the past 20 plus years, he has worked primarily on business transactional and litigation matters with a focus on… Read More


Matthew Christensen
Matthew Christensen

Matt Christensen joined Johnson May in 2008 as an associate attorney. Now the managing partner of the firm, Matt has a civil litigation practice involving commercial law (finance and secured… Read More

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Richard Corbi

Richard J. Corbi has been practicing in the areas of distressed investing, corporate transactions, restructuring, litigation, and bankruptcy advice for over twelve years. His work at top tier firms such… Read More

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Sharon Kopman

Sharon is responsible for originating remnant asset acquisition opportunities. Sharon has over 25 years of bankruptcy and employment-related legal experience. She has spent the past five years as both in-house… Read More

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