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Real Estate Law Dumbed Down - Real Estate Valuation Basics

Real Estate Valuation Basics 101

The ability to determine the valuation of real estate is essential for both buyers and sellers and the professionals surrounding them.

Valuation has both intrinsic and extrinsic elements including location, tenancy, construction, age and numerous other components. While an investor or owner can engage an expert to process a valuation, every owner or investor should understand the basics in order to assess the assessors. A working knowledge of the fundamental approaches to valuation and the assumptions underlying them is a huge benefit.

Even for those lacking proficiency in financial analysis, this webinar will simplify the process and make it all understandable.

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Webinar Faculty


Matthew Bordwin
Matthew Bordwin

Matthew is responsible for all aspects of business development and execution at Keen-Summit Capital Partners. He focuses primarily on the development of new business, marketing and implementing strategic real estate… Read More


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Biff Ruttenberg

Biff Ruttenberg has 48 years of retail development, redevelopment, management, and leasing experience.  His real estate background, including mortgage banking, construction, real estate brokerage and lending experience, has contributed to… Read More

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Dan Paulus

Dan A. Paulus, MAI specializes in solving complex commercial real estate (“CRE”) problems through focused consulting or real property valuation complying with USPAP and/or UASFLA. He is experienced in business… Read More

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Todd Marney

Todd Marney serves as vice president of portfolio management at Casoro Capital, a private equity firm which creates discretionary funds for investing in multifamily properties and developments. Building on the… Read More

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