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Persuasive Brief Writing 2021

Persuasive Brief Writing

Especially in federal district court, pre-trial litigation occurs almost entirely “on the papers,” with few, if any, oral arguments or courtroom presentations. If litigators want a claim to survive or be dismissed, discovery to be permitted or denied, or evidence to be admitted or barred, they must persuade the court in writing. But mastering the craft of persuasive legal writing can take decades and require shedding ingrained old habits and defying some common expectations.

Join a panel of seasoned litigators, two of whom are former legal writing instructors to discuss the structure, substance and style of effective brief-writing. This series will help new and more experienced litigators sharpen a set of crucial skills that can, and should, continue developing throughout their careers.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Structure and Organization 2021

Produced on January 28, 2021

Episode #2: Style 2021

Produced on February 25, 2021