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Personal Finance Investing Fundamentals

Personal Finance & Investing Fundamentals 2.0

This webinar series is intended for the investor who has a beginning to intermediate level of investing experience and knowledge. It assumes you know the difference between stocks and bonds, and the difference between investing in publicly traded stock and investing in a mutual fund that, in turn, invests in publicly traded stocks. It assumes further that there are good many things you do not know but which you are quite capable of picking up quickly. The series begins with fundamentals, such as the concepts of alpha and beta and how to approach reading financial statements and financial journalism. The series then turns to look closely at certain alternative investment objects of fascination: investment in VC/PE/HF (private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds) and investment in “hard” assets like real estate.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Alpha, Beta & Other Key Concepts

Produced on April 24, 2019

Episode #2: How to Read Financial Statements and Financial Journalism

Produced on May 22, 2019

Episode #3: All About Asset Allocation

Produced on June 19, 2019