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IP-101 2018 - Nuts & Bolts of Copyrights

Nuts & Bolts of Copyrights

It has been said that a copyright attaches when the “pen hits the paper” (when an original work is created and “fixed” in a particular expression) but that doesn’t mean the analysis of what a copyright is and what it protects ends there.

A copyright is a valuable piece of Intellectual Property that protects many types of original works, not just artistic, literary, or musical works. Copyright laws are intended to “feed the artist” and give owners the right to reproduce their works and prevent others from doing so without the owner’s permission.

This webinar discusses the so-called “nuts and bolts of copyright law” beginning with what exactly is a copyright, how to protect a copyright, and finally how to enforce a copyright.

Webinar Faculty


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Cory Spence

William Cory Spence assists individual and business clients to obtain their best possible outcome in contentious legal matters. He has extensive experience in litigation, arbitration, and mediation involving all areas… Read More


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Brian R. Landry

Brian Landry draws on a broad base of intellectual property experience and technical expertise to help clients identify, protect, and enforce their IP. Brian has significant experience in medical devices… Read More

Julie Nichols Matthews
Julie Nichols Matthews

Julie Nichols Matthews is an accomplished attorney and trusted business advisor with experience in strategic intellectual property counseling, business transactions, and marketing and advertising compliance. Ms. Matthews advises clients in… Read More

Kristin Garris
Kristin Garris

Kristin G. Garris is a member of Warshaw Burstein, LLP's Intellectual Property practice group who has a broad range of experience in handling matters related to trademark, copyright, Internet, and… Read More

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