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Newbie Litigator School Winter 2019

Newbie Litigator School 2019 – Part 1

Has it been a couple of (or more) years since you took Civil Procedure in law school? Or perhaps you a business owner who has been sued repeatedly and you want to learn a bit about how the sausage is made.

This series is one of several series (together with the “Newbie Litigator School” Parts 2 and 3) that Financial Poise designed specifically for attorneys who could use a broad-brush yet pithy refresher about civil litigation fundamentals, with some real world color added in. The purpose is to introduce different components and phases of litigation, from the basic rules of civil procedure and evidence, to dispositive motions, through trial, and on to appeal and post-judgment collection work.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 2019

Produced on January 23, 2019

Episode #2: Discovery Practice 2019

Produced on February 27, 2019

Episode #3: Dispositive Motions 2019

Produced on March 27, 2019

Episode #4: Working With Experts 2019

Produced on April 24, 2019