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Intellectual Property Boot Camp 2019

Intellectual Property Boot Camp

Intellectual property (IP) rights constitute an important asset class. Indeed, the “information economy” and high tech have made this asset class go from one that few understood and even fewer invested in to one watched and invested in by millions.

IP includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. How do you create rights in one of these assets? How do you protect those rights? How do you transfer them (or have them transferred to you)? How do the interact with each other?

This information-packed webinar series focuses on the intricacies of IP rights as they relate to the specific areas of brand protection, IP transactions, internet marketing, and other IP issues that are critical when representing innovators and inventors.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Introduction to Key Concepts 2019

Produced on February 7, 2019

Episode #2: Choosing, Building, & Protecting Your Brand 2019

Produced on March 7, 2019

Episode #3: Buying & Selling IP 2019

Produced on April 4, 2019