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Cross-Training for Business Lawyers - Immigration-101


A basic understanding of immigration law is critical to a vast array of businesses operating in today’s economy. Foreign employees and their sponsoring companies will navigate a complex maze in the attempt to achieve the desired goals of the employee maximizing their ability to provide services and value to the company. One of various determining factors as to which pathway to attempt is whether the goal is an immigrant visa (also known as a “green card”) which may ultimately allow lawful permanent residence in the United States or a non-immigrant visa. The need for foreign labor affects various industries and applies to large segments of skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled workers in jobs ranging from farm to seasonal to high-tech. This webinar explains what businesses need to know in the current environment as well as how political and globalization issues will affect immigration laws going forward.

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Webinar Faculty


Robert K. Scheinbaum
Robert K. Scheinbaum

Robert K. Scheinbaum is Of Counsel with Connell Foley LLP in Roseland, New Jersey. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Cornell University and a Juris Doctor degree… Read More


Kristofer McDonald
Kristofer McDonald

Kristofer is Attorney at Lane & Nach P.C. Mr. McDonald is admitted in the State of Arizona, California, and the District of Columbia, and received his Juris Doctorate from California… Read More

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Melissa Kerpel, Esq.

Melissa Kerpel, Attorney at the Law Offices of Kerpel & Kerpel, has focused on Immigration Law throughout her career, and is recognized as a pioneer in streamlining processes through the… Read More

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Michael Schewe

As a member of Peckar & Abramson’s Labor & Employment Law Group, Mr. Schewe practices all aspects of immigration law, from corporate-business immigration and compliance to consular processing and removal… Read More

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