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Factors to Consider for Video Marketing

If an image can say a thousand words, what can a video do? While video marketing is an effective form of digital marketing, many business owners dismiss it as a viable option for their business. This could be due to discomfort in front of a camera, a lack of videography equipment or a relevant skill set, or simply because they don’t know how video marketing would fit into their marketing mix. After completing this episode, the business owner will have a much clearer understanding of how to do video marketing and many of the potential objections to this form of marketing will have been addressed.

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Webinar Faculty


Joshua Lyons
Joshua Lyons

Joshua Lyons, Co-Founder of CRE Marketing Group, has been part of the marketing world since 2009. He began his marketing career upon graduation from the University of West Florida, with an education… Read More


Aaron Ball
Aaron Ball

Aaron Ball is perhaps best known for his award-winning work in publishing: print and video. He is a leading voice globally for the advancement of innovative communication tools like video… Read More

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