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Crowdfunding 2019 - Startups Perspective

Crowdfunding from the Start-Up’s Perspective 2019

How can businesses use the tools created by the JOBS Act to access capital? This webinar compares raising money online to traditional methods of capital raising. It also compares each of the different titles available under the JOBS Act. Finally, we discuss and compare the differences between security based crowdfunding and rewards based crowdfunding, exploring those instances where such a method would make sense.

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Webinar Faculty


Jordan Fishfeld
Jordan Fishfeld

Jordan is a co-founder and board member of OpenFinance and CFX Markets, an online trading platform for non-public investments that is transforming how people view and hold alternative asset positions.… Read More


Andrew Stephenson
Andrew Stephenson

Andrew D. Stephenson, Chief Product Officer for CrowdCheck and Partner with CrowdCheck Law, is an entrepreneurial attorney focused on assisting small and early stage businesses with corporate governance and securities… Read More

No Headshot Available
Markley (Mark) S. Roderick

Markley S. Roderick concentrates his practice on the representation of entrepreneurs and their businesses. He represents companies across a wide range of industries, including technology, real estate, and healthcare. Expanding… Read More

Samson Williams
Samson Williams

Samson Williams plys his trade as a classically trained anthropologist who specializes in crisis management for banks, financial institutions and the odds government agency. When not in DC, Samson can… Read More

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