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Real Estate Investing 101 2019 - Commercial Leases

Commercial Leases, Their Provisions and Pitfalls to Avoid 2019

Like any other contract, the provisions of a commercial lease are negotiable. Yet, like so many contracts, commercial leases can be confusing to anyone who does not negotiate them for a living. This webinar explains many of the common provisions in a typical commercial lease (e.g. competition clauses, destruction/condemnation provisions, enforcement provisions, escalation clauses, purchase and renewal options, subletting and assignment provisions, use provision- just to name some examples) and discusses what is “market” with respect to them.

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Webinar Faculty


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Bill McGuinn

Bill’s real estate practice extends to the acquisition, development, sale, leasing and financing of commercial, office, residential and retail properties. In his affordable housing practice, Bill has represented owners and… Read More


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Scott A. Weinstein

Scott A. Weinstein comes to the Field and Goldberg, LLC having developed a broad-based background in commercial real estate. Mr. Weinstein’s experience includes working with a fortune 500 company where… Read More

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Sean Weppler

Mr. Weppler graduated from Western Michigan University Cooley School of Law in 2009. He graduated from Western Illinois University, where he earned a Bachelor of Business with a concentration in… Read More

Tracy Treger
Tracy Treger

Tracy Treger is Principal at Syndicated Equities. Tracy helps high net worth individuals and family offices to profitably invest in real estate. She also assists investors in identifying appropriate replacement… Read More

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