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Chapter 11 Special Issues

Chapter 11 Special Issues

As of this writing (January, 2019) many people (economists) with crystal balls (relevant training, experience, and tools) predict that the economy is turning, and not for the better. If correct, one likely result will be a significant uptick in the number of Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases filed by businesses across the American Landscape. Designed for the corporate attorney, litigator, and anyone else who is not a Chapter 11 bankruptcy expert who finds herself stepping into bankruptcy for the first time or only on occasion, each episode in this Financial Poise webinar series takes a deep dive into one aspect of a chapter 11 bankruptcy case at a level that can be understood by the non-expert.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Focus on Retail

Produced on April 17, 2019

Episode #2: Focus on Single Asset Real Estate

Produced on May 15, 2019

Episode #3: Focus on Health Care

Produced on June 19, 2019