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Chapter 11 Potpourri 2019

Chapter 11 Potpourri

Designed for the corporate attorney, litigator, and anyone else who is not a Chapter 11 bankruptcy expert who finds herself stepping into bankruptcy for the first time or only on occasion, each episode in this Financial Poise webinar series takes a deep dive into one aspect of a chapter 11 bankruptcy case at a level that can be understood by the non-expert.

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Personal Finance Investing Fundamentals 1.0 2019

Personal Finance & Investing Fundamentals 1.0

This webinar series is intended for the investor who wants to reduce “unknown unknowns” of investing, beginning with asset allocation and portfolio theory and concluding with goal-based investing.

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Newbie Litigator School Winter 2019

Newbie Litigator School – Part 1

This webinar series introduces different components and phases of litigation, from the basic rules of civil procedure and evidence, to dispositive motions, through trial, and on to appeal and post-judgment collection work.

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Start Up Small Business Advisor 2019

The Start-Up / Small Business Advisor

This series explores the many aspects of forming a business, giving startups and their advisors useful tools and insight into how they can build a foundation for success.

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One Hour Law School 2019 - Winter

One Hour Law School – Part 1

This series explores the essential building blocks of important legal concepts facing business people, including estate planning and asset protection, intellectual property, and labor and employment law.

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Business of Law and Accounting 2019

The Business of Law & Accounting – Making Money as a Professional Service Provider

This series identifies essential Rainmaker Best Practices, that when focused on with discipline and intention, distinguish you and your firm, and help you gain a competitive sales advantage.

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Business Borrowing Basics 2018

Business Borrowing Basics – 201

Many companies, and most of any size, use borrowed funds as part of their capital structure. Depending on the nature of the business, its size, time in business, whether it has adequate collateral, and other factors, a business has myriad options when borrowing funds.

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Advising the Startup 2018

Advising the Startup

This series explores each of these topics, giving startups and their advisors useful tools and insight into how they can build a foundation for success.

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