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Roadmap to Selling a Business or Taking on Outside Investors

Roadmap to Selling a Business or Taking on Outside Investors 2021

Deciding it may be time to sell all or part is the easy part – acknowledging and addressing the financial and emotional issues can be challenging.

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Credit Insurance 101

Credit Insurance 101 – 2021

Credit insurance, also called trade credit insurance or business credit insurance, is insurance for businesses for non-payment of commercial debt.

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Biz Borrowing Basics - What Kind of Loan

What Kind of Loan? 2021

This webinar takes the audience through a guided tour of the various borrowing options available to businesses, from both a business and legal perspective, to paint the overall landscape of the different types of lenders that exist and to provide a framework for understanding what type of lender and loan may make sense for any particular borrower.

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Valuation 2021 - Valuing Your Brand and Other

Valuing Your Brand and Other “Soft” Assets

Examples of “soft” assets include trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. This webinar helps you understand how experts go about valuing such intangible assets.

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Legal Ethics - Recent Cases and Decisions

Hot Off the Presses – Recent Cases & Decisions 2021

This webinar is for the lawyer -or anyone else- who wants to brush up on the latest issues and strategies to be aware of regarding legal ethics and best practices. The panelists discuss recent and important case law in the area and explain how those decisions can have real-world impact on the situations you may […]

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Crypto Crowdfunding Crazy Concepts - Crypto Currency 101

Crypto Currency 101 – 2021

This webinar discusses the history and adoption of cryptocurrency, as well as the underlying technology, cybersecurity, and fraud.

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IP 201 - Choosing Building Protecting Your Brand

Choosing, Building, & Protecting Your Brand 2021

A business’s brand defines it in the market and allows consumers to identify products associated with the business. As such, in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must carefully choose which brands to develop and how to protect those brands from competitors. This webinar discusses some of the challenges that businesses are likely to face when initially […]

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Board of Directors Boot Camp - The Effective Board

The Effective Board 2021

Running a productive and energized board meeting takes time and effort. Harnessing the expertise of board members while meeting the needs of the company is a balance that must be continually recalibrated by the board and company leadership. In this session, we will cover the process to achieve effective board practices ranging from board meeting […]

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Cross-Training for Biz Lawyers - Immigration Law 101

Immigration Law 101 – 2021

A basic understanding of immigration law is critical to a vast array of businesses operating in today’s economy. Foreign employees and their sponsoring companies will navigate a complex maze in the attempt to achieve the desired goals of the employee maximizing their ability to provide services and value to the company. One of various determining […]

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MBA Boot Camp - Mastering Concept of Working Capital

Where Did All My Profits Go? Mastering the Concept of Working Capital 2021

Stated simply, Working Capital = Current Assets – Current Liabilities. This equation helps a company (and its financing sources) understand whether it has enough short term cash inflows to cover its short term cash outflows, also referred to as liquidity. But it’s not as simple as that. And, because it is the elemental center of […]

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