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Newbie Litigator School Part 2- Paying for Litigation

Paying for Litigation – Hourly, Contingency, Third Party Financing & More 2021

This webinar explores the mechanics and pros and cons of various fee arrangements, from hourly to contingent to mixtures of the two. We also discuss the increasingly popular option of third-party litigation finance.

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Current Trends in Leveraged Finance (Series: Leveraged Finance)

Current Trends in Leveraged Finance 2021

This webinar discusses some of the latest trends and developments in leveraged finance terms and practices and the extent to which some of these have gained market acceptance.

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Crowdfunding - Investors Perspective

Crowdfunding from the Investor’s Perspective 2021

This webinar focuses on the opportunities that crowdfunding makes available to the investor, and how the investor should go about navigating this new world. We begin with a basic overview of the new regulatory regime, the requirements to invest, and the on-boarding process one should expect. We then dive deeper into the market opportunity, including […]

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M&A Boot Camp - Post Closing Issues

Post-Closing Issues: Integration & Potential Buyer/Seller Disputes 2021

The deal is complete, and the parties have finished the hard work. Or have they? Integration planning turns to execution as people, process, and technology are combined once the deal is legally closed. The buyer will need to consider the purchased business or assets from the standpoint of employees, IT, customers, suppliers, and a multitude […]

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Corp Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp - Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations 101 – 2021

This webinar surveys recent compliance trends and discusses best practices regarding the attorney-client privilege, joint defense agreements, the use of experts, witness interviews, the consequences of self-disclosure and how to control the impact on the company.

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Crowdfunding - Securities Crowdfunding for Intermediaries

Securities Crowdfunding for Intermediaries 2021

This webinar addresses crowdfunding portals and intermediaries. This episode begins with a basic overview of the various methods of crowdfunding, from donation and rewards based, to intra-state equity, debt, and finally securities based crowdfunding under Titles II, III and IV of the JOBS Act. Once those differences are understood, the webinar focuses on the need […]

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Cybersecurity - Data Privacy

How to Build and Implement your Company’s Information Security Program 2021

Data is one of your business’s most valuable assets and requires protection like any other asset. How can you protect your data from unauthorized access or inadvertent disclosure? An information security program is designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your company’s data and information technology assets. Federal, state, or international law may […]

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Newbie Litigator School Part 2 - Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice – 101

This panel of experienced appellate litigators aim to answer the many questions surrounding appellate practice.

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Corp Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp - Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation 2021

This webinar examines executive compensation, including equity-based compensation plans and executive employment and severance agreements.

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Crowdfunding from the Start-Up's Perspective

Crowdfunding from the Start-Up’s Perspective 2021

This webinar compares raising money online to traditional methods of capital raising.

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