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Cybersecurity Data Privacy - Data Breach Response

Data Breach Response: Before and After the Breach 2020

This webinar gives you an overview of what to do when the worst happens to your business, a data breach occurs.

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Newbie Litigator School - Working With Experts

Working With Experts 2020

This webinar will help you figure out when and how to hire your own expert, and will give you some ideas on how to challenge your opponent’s expert when the time comes.

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Business Borrowing Basics - Trade Finance Basics

Trade Finance Basics 2020

This webinar explains the basics of letters of credit, open account, supply chain and documentary collections, how and why they are used, how much they cost, and the benefits and risks. It covers how financial institutions facilitate these funding options and explains why trade finance is a natural fit for Blockchain technology.

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Hot Topics - Digital Assets

Digital Assets 2020

This webinar examines digital ledgers, coins, tokens, ICOs, and IEOs that make up digital assets.

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Private Company MA Boot Camp - Negotiating an MA Deal

Negotiating an M&A Deal 2020

This webinar involves the panelists engaging in mock negotiations of a variety of deal points which commonly arise in M&A transactions.

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Cybersecurity Data Privacy - How to Build Implement ISP

How to Build and Implement your Company’s Information Security Program 2020

This webinar covers the basics of how to put an information security program in place to close any gaps in the security of your data.

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Newbie Litigator School - Dispositive Motions

Dispositive Motions 2020

This webinar shines a light on what happens to the great percentage of cases that don’t make it to trial.

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Private Company MA Boot Camp - Post-Closing Issues

Post-Closing Issues: Integration & Potential Buyer/Seller Disputes 2020

This episode guides listeners through the process, timing, and issues which most commonly arise after the closing of deals.

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Hot Topics - Making Cash With Cannabis

Making Cash with Cannabis 2020

This webinar discusses the ever-evolving business and investment opportunity of cannabis.

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Newbie Litigator School - Discovery Practice

Discovery Practice 2020

This webinar begins with a summary of the rules governing discovery and discusses the practicalities of discovery: budgeting, tactics, and common opportunities and pitfalls.

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