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The Impact of Communicable Diseases, Including Coronavirus, on the Workplace 2022

When it comes to dealing with communicable disease-related issues within the workplace, planning is everything.

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Handling the Arbitration 2022

The final episode will go through presenting your case and claims to the arbitrator or panel.

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Investing in Commercial Property 2022

. This Financial Poise panel explains the process from looking for the investment, to contract, to closing, and beyond.

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General Liability, Umbrella/Excess Coverage, Commercial Auto/Workers’ Compensation 2022

Topics discussed include managing the costs of the insurance itself as well as the proper management of workers compensation claims.

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The Effective Board 2022

The social aspects of a board will also be discussed

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Hot Off the Presses- Recent Cases & Decisions 2022

This webinar is for the lawyer -or anyone else- who wants to brush up on the latest issues and strategies to be aware of regarding legal ethics and best practices.

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The Nuts & Bolts of a Chapter 11 Plan 2022

This webinar takes the audience through the basic elements of a Chapter 11 plan, how a plan proponent (usually but not always the debtor) seeks to confirm a plan, and how objectors can try to defeat confirmation.

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The Intersection of Bankruptcy and… Intellectual Property Law 2022

The foundation of intellectual property law is the protection of exclusive rights afforded to original works and invention.

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The Effective Director 2022

The success of the board relies on the individual contribution, expertise, and behavior of its directors

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