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Private Company MA Boot Camp - Post-Closing Issues

Post-Closing Issues: Integration & Potential Buyer/Seller Disputes 2020

This episode guides listeners through the process, timing, and issues which most commonly arise after the closing of deals.

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Hot Topics - Making Cash With Cannabis

Making Cash with Cannabis 2020

This webinar discusses the ever-evolving business and investment opportunity of cannabis.

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Cybersecurity Data Privacy - Intro to EU General Data Protection

Introduction to EU General Data Protection Regulation: Planning, Implementation, and Compliance 2020

This webinar discusses the GDPR requirements regarding the privacy of EU citizens and how your organization may meet those standards.

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Corp Regulatory Compliance Bootcamp - Data Privacy Compliance

Data Privacy Compliance 2020

This webinar examines the means for companies to reach data goals ethically, efficiently and legally. Best practices and model comprehensive privacy and cybersecurity policies are discussed.

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Hot Topics - Blockchain Basics

Blockchain Basics 2020

This webinar series introduces blockchain, cannabis, and digital assets as new realities and opportunities.

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Cybersecurity Data Privacy - Intro to US Privacy Data Security

Introduction to US Privacy and Data Security: Regulations and Requirements 2020

This webinar provides an overview of the many privacy and data security laws and regulations which may impact your business, from the state law protecting personal information to regulations covering the financial services industry to state breach notification laws.

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IP-301 - Interplay With District Court Litigation

Interplay With District Court Litigation 2020

This webinar discusses issues that come into being as a result of co-pending proceedings with U.S. district court litigation. These issues include estoppel, claim construction, and validity determinations.

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Business Borrowing Basics - Dealing With Defaults

Dealing With Defaults 2020

Some borrowers default. One type of default is a payment default- the loan is not paid when due or a particular payment is missed. The other type of default is a covenant default. This webinar explains both, and discusses what happens when one happens.

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Private Company MA Boot Camp - Key Provisions

Key Provisions in M&A Agreements 2020

This episode explains specific, common provisions and discusses how buyers and sellers approach these provisions differently, particularly in light of situational differences (e.g. whether the assets being bought and sold are equity of a company or the assets of a company; whether the seller is going to cease to exists or not).

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Blockchain and Supply Chain 2020

This webinar examines blockchain and the role it plays in supply chain by providing traceability in transactions.

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