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Private Company M&A Boot Camp 2019

Private Company M&A Boot Camp

This series features leading M&A attorneys and other deal professionals speaking about private company M&A in roughly chronological order, guiding the audience through a conversation that spans from deal origination, the LOI (letter-of-intent) or term sheet, due diligence, document drafting and negotiation, closing, and post-closing.

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Intellectual Property-201 2018

This information-packed webinar series focuses on the intricacies of IP rights as they relate to the specific areas of brand protection, IP transactions, internet marketing, and other IP issues that are critical when representing innovators and inventors.

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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy 2018

This series explores the various laws and regulations which govern businesses both in the US and abroad, as well as how to implement and enforce an information security policy to protect your company and limit any damage from a data breach.

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Crowdfunding 2018

This webinar discusses crowdfunding, focusing mostly on the practical application and use cases, along with the opportunities and pitfalls of the new legislation.

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Valuation 2018

This series provides an overview of valuation in its many contexts, from business valuations in transactions to battles between valuation experts in all aspects of litigation.

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Securities Law 2018

This webinar series of leading securities law experts discusses both the fundamentals of the federal securities laws and the latest developments in this ever-evolving area of law.

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Restructuring, Insolvency & Troubled Companies 2018

This series explains how failing or failed companies create a unique set of issues, risks, and even opportunities for all involved, and helps those who specialize in the field stay up to date on the latest developments, strategies, and tactics in the area.

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Real Estate Law Dumbed Down 2018

This webinar series is for the lawyer, broker, investor, syndicator, developer and others who seek a basic understanding of the essential elements of real estate law. This series spans purchase through sale and cover all of the high points in between.

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Real Estate Investing Made Simple 2018

This Financial Poise webinar series covers several types of real estate classes that one may choose to invest in, explaining where to look for opportunities; how to diligence them; possible funding solutions; and best practice for execution.

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Protecting Your Employee Assets: The Life Cycle of the Employment Relationship 2018

This webinar series approaches the employer-employee relationship from beginning to end, with programs covering the most important steps along the way, including hiring and onboarding, policy and procedure development and training, wage and hour compliance, accommodating disabled employees, conducting investigations and considerations associated with ending the relationship.

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