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IP Boot Camp 2019 - Buying Selling IP

Buying & Selling IP 2019

IP rights are an important class of intangible assets that can be assigned or licensed to generate revenue. Indeed, some companies do not make or sell products; their entire revenue is derived from the licensing of their patents. Suffice it to say, licensing revenue has become a significant source of value in the global intellectual property economy. This webinar will help you better understand the complex legal issues associated with IP transactions.

Webinar Faculty


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Cristina Nolan

Cristina Nolan, Director of Webinar Services at Financial Poise, earned her law degree in 1997. Cristina has worked in online education since 2004 and has significant experience in the design,… Read More


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Ada C. Nielsen

Ms. Ada C. Nielsen is a member of newly-formed Xinova LicensingMasters and is Managing Director of The PeregrineMaven Group. She created The PeregrineMaven Group to commercialize inventions, & improve profitability… Read More

John Tolomei
John Tolomei

John Tolomei offers a wealth of knowledge as an intellectual property attorney.  His leadership roles as patent counsel for a variety of corporations, including Chief Patent Counsel for a multi-national… Read More

Sanjay Prasad
Sanjay Prasad

Sanjay has practiced at the forefront of technology and intellectual property for over twenty years. He is experienced in all business and legal aspects of intellectual property from developing IP… Read More