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Business Borrowing Basics 2018

Business Borrowing Basics – 201

Many companies, and most of any size, use borrowed funds as part of their capital structure. Depending on the nature of the business, its size, time in business, whether it has adequate collateral, and other factors, a business has myriad options when borrowing funds.

This webinar series provides a guided tour of the various borrowing options available to businesses, from both a business and legal perspective. Major topics covered include asset-based lending, P/O Finance, Factoring, Merchant Cash Advances, and Market Place Lending / Fintech. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each, tricks of the trade when negotiating these arrangements, and more!

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Understanding the Lending Landscape

Produced on January 17, 2018

Episode #2: Asset-Based Lending

Produced on February 21, 2018

Episode #3: Purchase Order Finance

Produced on March 21, 2018

Episode #4: Factoring

Produced on April 18, 2018

Episode #5: Merchant Cash Advance

Produced on May 23, 2018

Episode #6: Marketplace Lending / Fintech

Produced on June 20, 2018