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Bankruptcy Transactions On Demand Webinar

Bankruptcy Transactions 301: Advice For The Advanced Practitioner

Corporate transactions are fraught with complicated legal, business, and financial issues. And transactions in the context of a bankruptcy proceeding often adds a further layer of complexity. Whether representing an asset purchaser seeking to acquire assets “free and clear” of liens and encumbrances; trading claims against a bankrupt company; or negotiating and drafting orders governing the use of a bankruptcy company’s cash, businesses and their advisors must have a robust understanding of the issues they face. This series provides tools for business owners and their advisors to navigate through the landscape of bankruptcy transactions, demystify esoteric concepts, and discuss best practices for advanced professionals working on these matters.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Representing Asset Purchasers in Bankruptcy 2022

Produced on February 8, 2022

Episode #2: Bankruptcy Claims Trading 2022

Produced on March 8, 2022

Episode #3: Negotiating and Drafting Cash Collateral/DIP Financing Orders 2022

Produced on April 5, 2022