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Alternative Dispute Resolution 101

Disputes arise in various business contexts including contracts, torts, M&A, and/or within a business divorce or separation. Understanding the ability to secure a more expeditious and potential private result is driving many companies to consider utilizing alternative means to dispute resolution. This Series will review in detail traditional forms of alternative Dispute Resolution — Mediation and Arbitration. The Series will take participants through the preliminary steps in preparing for a mediation, including mediator selection, preparing your case, pre-mediation submissions, and risk analysis. This will be followed by an in-depth discussion on the mediation process, presenting your case, understanding the process and how to work with the mediator, how to work through an impasse and how to achieve a creative resolution. The series will next review the arbitration process: how to prepare and file claims, picking an arbitrator (or arbitrators), preparing for the preliminary conference and the process. The final episode will go through presenting your case and claims to the arbitrator or panel, from early-stage discovery options and motions through pre-trial statements, the arbitration hearing, and post-arbitration submissions and awards.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Preparing for Mediation: From Selection to Presentation of Claims 2022

Produced on March 10, 2022

Episode #2: Conducting the Mediation 2022

Produced on April 7, 2022

Episode #3: Preparing for an Arbitration

Produced on May 9, 2022

Episode #4: Handling the Arbitration 2022

Produced on June 2, 2022