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Financial Poise On Demand Webinars by Series

Below are our most recent On Demand Webinar Series, listed alphabetically, and the webinars available within those series.

This webinar series de-mystifies these private funds, explaining their similarities and differences from other investment vehicles and from each other- from the legal, financial, and investment mandate perspectives.

This webinar series is intended for the investor who wants to reduce “unknown unknowns” of investing, beginning with asset allocation and portfolio theory and concluding with goal-based investing.

The series discusses the fundamentals of investing, such as the concepts of alpha and beta and how to approach reading financial statements and financial journalism, and answers common questions regarding asset allocation.

This series will help new and more experienced litigators sharpen a set of crucial skills that can, and should, continue developing throughout their careers.

The series is intended to give attendees a crash-course in post-grant review proceedings at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Many topics will be addressed, sufficient to explain the big picture considerations involved in this new and very popular area of law.

Applicable to owners, executives, directors and their respective trusted advisors, this webinar series brings a variety of experiences and perspectives on the most common questions around private company governance.

This series discusses private company M&A in roughly chronological order, guiding the audience through a conversation that spans from deal origination, the LOI (letter-of-intent) or term sheet, due diligence, document drafting and negotiation, closing, and post-closing.

This series covers several types of real estate classes that one may choose to invest in, explaining where to look for opportunities; how to diligence them; possible funding solutions; and best practice for execution.

This webinar discusses the many aspects of commercial real estate investments, from the perspectives of the landlord, the tenant, and the commercial broker.

This webinar series of leading securities law experts discusses both the fundamentals of the federal securities laws and the latest developments in this ever-evolving area of law.

This series identifies essential Rainmaker Best Practices, that when focused on with discipline and intention, distinguish you and your firm, and help you gain a competitive sales advantage.

This webinar series examines how the JOBS Act has impacted capital formation through private offerings, as well as corporate finance for small business issuers generally, and access to the “IPO” market.

This series explores the many aspects of forming a business, giving startups and their advisors useful tools and insight into how they can build a foundation for success.

Most startups are not destined to become billion dollar unicorns. Most, in fact, will fail and most of those that survive may never be more than small businesses. Whether and to what extent a startup will be successful depends on many factors. One set of factors is the foundational pillars…

This webinar series discusses how valuation experts are commonly used by market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to transact a sale as well as determine the price of intangible assets. This series also more broadly discusses how valuation experts go about their work.