Financial Poise

Financial Poise On Demand Webinars by Series

Below are all of our available On Demand Webinar Series and the webinars within those series, listed alphabetically.

This series explores the many aspects of forming a business, giving startups and their advisors useful tools and insight into how they can build a foundation for success.

This series provides an overview of valuation in its many contexts, from business valuations in transactions to battles between valuation experts in all aspects of litigation.

This series of webinars teaches how commercial litigators use valuation experts in commercial disputes, and some of the typical situations in which valuation experts are utilized.

This webinar series discusses how valuation experts are commonly used by market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to transact a sale as well as determine the price of intangible assets. This series also more broadly discusses how valuation experts go about their work.