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Financial Poise Leadership Bios

Jonathan Friedland

Jonathan Friedland is an attorney and entrepreneur. He founded DailyDAC in 2010 and launched Financial Poise in 2013. For more information on his legal practice, click here.

Steve Starzyk

As Financial Poises’ Chief Technology Officer, Steve is responsible for designing, maintaining and securing their websites, managing consulting developers, and overseeing the digital marketing team. Steve has held various positions of increasing responsibility as a web designer and front-end developer, both in the agency world and as part of an in-house marketing team. He was working as a front-end developer when his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he opened his own Escape Room business, managing all the digital marketing and design for his small business.

Steve Starzyk graduated from Northern Michigan University with a B.A. in Art & Design, concentrating on Electronic Imaging.

Cristina Nolan

Cristina Nolan, director of Webinar Services at Financial Poise, earned her law degree in 1997. Cristina has worked in online education since 2004 and has significant experience in the design, development and execution of online curriculum at the college and graduate school level. She is also an experienced legal editor. Courses she has taught include Introduction to Legal Analysis and Writing, Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession, Criminal Law, Business Law, Legal Ethics, Trial and Courtroom Presentation, Wills and Estates, Family Law, Legal Philosophy, Family Law and Divorce Mediation, Employment Law, Torts, Contracts, Employment Mediation, ADR, Insurance Law, Product Liability, and Evidence.

Belinda Jones

Belinda Robinson-Jones serves as Senior Research Analyst for Daily Dac LLC, a division of Financial Poise. In this position, Belinda oversees researching opportunistic deals and managing the ODD database.After working for a decade in a variety of library settings, Belinda began to offer virtual research and information services to clients throughout the United States and Canada. Belinda is passionate about working with Veterans, and has served as a volunteer at her local VA hospital for over ten years.

Belinda attended Chicago State University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in English, and she received a Master of Library Science from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. In her spare time, Belinda enjoys music, choral singing, roller skating and sewing/crochet.

Peter Ricci

As Financial Poises’ Chief SEO Strategist, Peter Thomas Ricci is deeply involved in the publication’s editorial strategy, namely its analytics. Combing through data on pageviews, bounce rates, and keywords, Peter explores what content is best connecting with Financial Poise’s readers.

A graduate of Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism, Peter previously worked in trade journalism, and recently completed his MFA at Columbia College Chicago.

Carrie Miller

Carrie Miller is Financial Poise’s managing editor. After a 12-year career as an award-winning print journalist, including time as a prestigious Pew fellow in international journalism, Carrie for five years was director of content and director of public relations for a downtown Chicago PR agency. She now combines those two careers as a content strategist and editor for Financial Poise. Besides being a multi-media storyteller, Carrie is an accomplished and adventurous cook and freelance journalist and blogger at Her housemates pet her two orange tabbies, Sushu and Miso, while she’s on the road.

Jerry Janes

Jerry Janes was born in Chicago and raised in Joliet, Illinois. He attended Joliet Junior College and majored in Sociology. He finished his degree as an English/Creative Writing major and Sociology minor at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. After graduation, he was a copywriter for an ad agency, where he learned Web Development, SEO, and Internet Marketing, which he provides for Financial Poise. For a decade Jerry taught high school Language Arts, Technology, Spanish, and served as a Technology Trainer and Librarian in Illinois, South Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska. After a seven-year hiatus, he returned to teaching in 2019. He and his family love to travel (his wife is from Brasil) and he is addicted to online backgammon.

Kristina Parren

Kristina Parren attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she received her degree in film and screenwriting. As a senior associate editor for Financial Poise, Kristina is responsible for optimizing the website’s content, improving SEO and overseeing several editorial boards. She is also the managing editor for DailyDAC. Kristina previously worked at an independent film festival and Chicago’s WTTW station. She decided to use her writing and marketing skills to start her own copywriting business, Drawbridge Presentations LLC, which she manages today. In her spare time, she volunteers for a wildlife conservation nonprofit and enjoys screenwriting and improving her travel photography skills.

Carey Blankenship

Carey Blankenship graduated from Berry College with a dual degree in English and Creative Writing. She later received her master’s in Writing and Digital Communications from Agnes Scott College. Along with being the Associate Editor for Financial Poise, she currently works full-time managing SEO strategies, editing content, promoting social, and developing stories for multiple companies and brands. Outside of work, you can find Carey curled up with a good book, playing with animals, lost in a video game, working out, or writing her latest novel. She lives in Atlanta with her partner Nick, three cats, and numerous plants.

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