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  • September 13, 2021

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Henry Krasnow is a Partner at Sugar, Felsenthal, Grais & Helsinger LLP. He provides cost effective strategies to solve the legal/business problems of privately held businesses, family businesses and individuals engaged in business. He has worked in this area for over 45 years, and his work and writing has been regularly recognized by national and regional organizations.

His writing on how business owners can get more value from their lawyers and use their lawyers more effectively has been widely published together with articles on strategies for minority shareholders of family businesses to sell their stock, develop an exit strategy or achieve financial diversification.

Henry’s book “Your Lawyer: An Owner’s Manual” has been enthusiastically reviewed and is a leading work in advancing business owner’s skills and strategies for working more productively with lawyers.

Henry is also a Fellow of the Family Firm Institute and have been awarded its Certificate in Family Business Advising.

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