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Episode 8 with Alon Goren

What is Impact Investing? In Episode 8 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, host Alicia Purdy speaks with Alon Goren, CEO and co-founder of and INVST, and explores socially conscious investing. Their discussion covers different investment opportunities for the socially aware investor, what sort of due diligence is required for these types of investments and how impact investing could change the way aid is rendered in the future.

Find Alon Goren here:

Twitter: @alonymous and @investedin

About Alon Goren

Alon Goren is the CEO and co-founder of InvestedIn – a leading technology company that specializes in white-label crowdfunding platforms for reward, donation, pre-sales, equity crowdfunding and lending applications, and of INVST, an invite-only investment platform for sophisticated accredited investors to invest in institutional-quality deals. A thought leader on social enterprise and crowdfunding, Alon has spoken at South by Southwest V2V and the Crowdfunding Professional Association’s Annual Crowdfund Investing Innovation Forum and has been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, Mashable, and The Street. Alon was named as one the socalTECH 50 that recognizes the top 50 top technology leaders in Southern California.

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