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Episode 7 with David Manshoory

In Episode 7, Accredited Investor Markets Radio host Chris Cahill talks real estate investing with David Manshoory, Founder and CEO of AssetAvenue. Their discussion includes the risks and rewards of equity and debt investing, the advantages to using a platform for investing in debt offerings, and they also share specifics on what investors should look for when selecting a platform.

Learn more about David Manshoory and AssetAvenue here.
You can also find David here:

Twitter: @DavidMansoory and @assetavenue

About David Manshoory

David Manshoory is the Founder and CEO of AssetAvenue, an online marketplace that allows investors to invest directly in high quality commercial real estate properties, providing passive cash flows from previously inaccessible investment opportunities. David has 10 years of experience in commercial real estate acquisitions, due diligence and management. He previously founded Momentum Capital Partners, an investor-backed real estate fund, and worked in acquisitions and development at a number of notable real estate investment companies, where he evaluated the financial returns of over $1 billion of commercial real estate projects.

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