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Episode 5 with Brian Thopsey

In Episode 5 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio our host, Chris Cahill, has an in-depth discussion about investing in start-ups with guest, Brian Thopsey. Brian is the founder of FundWisdom, whose purpose is to provide companies with financial wisdom and help them select the best crowdfunding platform to meet their needs.

In this interview they discuss., among other things, differences between equity and debt investing platforms for Accredited Investors, and the roles angel investor play in start-ups.

You can learn more about Brian Thopsey and Fund Wisdom by visiting

About Brian Thopsey

Brian Thopsey, founder of FundWisdom, is passionate about technology, the startup community, and financial valuation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Finance. He has extensive knowledge and years of experience building new technologies, valuation techniques, financial engineering, and business intelligence.

About Stephanie Strait

Stephanie Strait is Chief Operating Officer for Financial Poise and DailyDAC, LLC. She is responsible for managing initiatives and general internal-facing functions across divisions. She also produces the Company’s podcast, Financial Poise Radio™.

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