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Episode 3 with Chris Tyrrell

Why aren’t Accredited Investors investing? In Episode 3 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, AIMkts Managing Editor Alicia Purdy interviews founder and CEO of OfferBoard, Chris Tyrrell, to discuss some of the reasons alternative assets are getting passed up by Accredited Investors. Chris offers his insights into various alternative investment options and how they compare to traditional investment methods and he also offers advice on where accredited investors can start if they are interested in diversifying.

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Chris Tyrrell

Chris is the founder and CEO of OfferBoard, an equity securities private placement platform that matches accredited investors with mid-market businesses looking to raise capital. He is chairman of CrowdFund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates, the leading organization for implementing the JOBS Act securities legislation. He has a wealth of expertise in managing and facilitating over $20 billion in transactions, as well as extensive experience in financial law, technology and investment management.

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