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Episode 17 with Sam Houghton

How might private equity and venture capital firms, and other similar capital raisers, change their behavior now that the ban on general solicitation has been lifted? In Episode 17 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, host and Managing Editor of Alicia Purdy, and Sam Houghton of HoughtonPA, speculate on the changes we may be seeing for accredited investors, for platforms, availability of private offerings and even for the job market.

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About Sam Houghton

Sam Houghton, of HoughtonPA, is a business attorney and entrepreneurial consultant based in Lakeland, Florida. Mr. Houghton has overseen the successful investment into, and purchase and sale of, more than 50 small market businesses. With a background in supply-chain management consulting and financial analytics, Mr. Houghton is legal counsel and advisor to those select entrepreneurs throughout the United States who possess process-oriented minds and who value the advice of others. He regularly lectures on private equity, succession planning, crowdfunding, and other business-related topics and is a member of the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA). His writings have appeared in a number of websites and publications, including Accredited Investor Markets™ and Seeking Alpha™. Educational Commentary from Mr. Houghton can be found at Mr. Houghton holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance, along with a minor in Economics, from the University of Florida and a Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida.

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