Don’t Rely on SEC to Screen Title III Offerings

Published on May 13, 2016

When offerings of securities appear on Title III crowdfunding portals on May 16, 2016, don’t assume those offerings have been reviewed and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Although issuers of securities must file Form C with the SEC, showing many details of the offering with specific disclosures, the issuer does not have to wait for the SEC to approve the offering before selling securities on a funding portal. In fact, the SEC has no obligation to review any aspect of the form before the offering “goes live.”

We posted a more comprehensive discussion of Form C, when issuers must file them, what the SEC does with the filings, and how/when investors can view the filings on the SEC’s EDGAR data system, at Financial Poise.

You can also learn more with this webinar featuring the expert faculty of Financial Poise.

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