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Episode 56 with Marshall Saunders

In Episode 56, Marshall Saunders speaks with Accredited Investor Markets Radio about SaundersDailey, a hyper-local real estate investment platform in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. “Hyper-local” in that the deals arise only in the immediate locality known well by SaundersDailey, the platform also enables collective real estate investing and thus an individual accredited investor’s access to bigger deals.

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Episode 55 with Vincent Zurzolo on Investing in Comic Books

There’s money in them comic books! Especially if they spawn a movie franchise. In Episode 55, Accredited Investor Markets Radio’s Christopher Cahill interviews Vincent Zurzolo of Metropolis Collectibles to answer the following questions: Why and how are comic books valued? How well do they retain value? How much fun does Vincent Zurzolo have at his job?

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Episode 54 with Sandy Chaikin

andy Chaikin, Co-Founder and head of marketing and communications for Chaikin Analytics, a ground-breaking mobile stock research and analysis platform. Ms. Chaikin, with no background in finance, has found success with Chaikin Analytics, and is also keen to encourage women to take command of their investment decisions.

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Episode 53 with Scott Picken

In Episode 53, Accredited Investor Markets Radio’s Christopher Cahill and Wealth Migrate’s Scott Picken discussed the latter’s recent plunge into real estate equity crowdfunding in China — that is, with respect to Chinese investors purchasing interests in real estate in other countries via online means. When Chinese currency restrictions ease, the impact will be immense.

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Episode 52 with Jim Chilton

This week Accredited Investor Markets Radio interviews Jim Chilton, founder of SOFA USA, in Episode 52. His discussion with host Chris Cahill focuses on the many generations of financial illiteracy perpetuated by the lack of financial curriculum in public schools.

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Episode 51 with Alexey Sokolin

This week in Episode 51, Accredited Investor Markets Radio speaks with Alexey Sokolin, COO of Vanare about drawing together robo-advising and traditional investment advising to help advisors give good advice at lower cost to more people.

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Episode 50 with Jeff Kelley & John Drachman

In Episode 50, Accredited Investor Markets Radio speaks with Jeff Kelley of Equity Institutional and John Drachman of Alpha Segment, about alternative investment custodial services, i.e., how interests in alternative assets are held and transferred.

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Episode 49 with Allen Kors – CEO of

This week Allen Kors, CEO of, talks about student loans and lenders with Accredited Investor Markets Radio in Episode 49. His company is the first on-line student loan comparison platform and is really a kind of matchmaker.

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Episode 48 with Jilliene Helman – CEO of RealtyMogul

This week Accredited Investor Markets talks with Jilliene Helman, CEO of RealtyMogul in Episode 48. She discusses different kinds of collective investment opportunities for accredited investors and institutional investors including real estate equity and real estate debt, as well as how such investments might bear upon an investment portfolio. The larger story is the opening of real estate investment–in many of its various modes–to more investors.

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Episode 47 with Michael Terrien

In Episode 47 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio Michael Terrien, founder and Managing Member of West Loop Financial LLC, speaks to host Chris Cahill about investor options for getting financial advice, the significance of a fiduciary orientation on the part of advisors, and what might go into a comprehensive advisory approach that Terrien calls “holistic.”

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