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Buying, Selling & Working Out Distressed Assets in a Post-Pandemic Environment

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About the Webinar

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About the Webinar

Property owners are experiencing unprecedented uncertainty and volatility and are struggling to keep afloat. Asset values have declined, workout discussions are in process with defaults and foreclosures imminent. Our panelists represent the capital, legal and advisory services that owners and their representatives will want to know more about. Come hear what our experts have to say about:

  1. Commencing workout discussions
  2. Reviewing financial and legal obligations
  3. Developing an exit strategy
  4. Maximizing business assets in a declining economy
  5. Providing strategic advice and recommendations to asset owners
  6. Finding opportunities in the current marketplace

Hosted by Professor Ronald M. Shapiro, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at Rutgers Business School, this webinar will assist all real estate owners, lenders, mortgage brokers, attorneys, appraisers, and the many third-party consultants and contractors who work with these professionals navigate and negotiate these distressed transactions. Questions from our audience will be answered throughout the program.


  1. Ronald M. Shapiro - Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Rutgers Business School
  2. Steven M. Schultz - Executive Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank
  3. James Shelvin - President, CWCapital
  4. Joshua Olshin - Managing Partner, AuctionAdvisors
  5. Mathew J. Schiller - Partner, Murphy Schiller & Wilkes LLP
  6. William F. Looney - President, U.S. Loan Sales Group at DebtX

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  • Newmark Knight Frank
  • CW Capital
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  • Murphy Schiller & Wilkes LLP
  • Financial Poise (Webinar Producer)