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Nick Veronis is co-founder and managing partner of iCapital Network, where he oversees the firm’s Research & Due Diligence functions. Mandy Peacock is Vice President, Due Diligence & Origination at iCapital Network.

private equity investment

Seven Things to Consider Before Making a Private Equity Investment

When it comes to stocks and bonds in the public equity market, prices can reflect new data quickly, and almost everyone is privy to the same information. However, there is a second, much larger market—the private company market—that has the potential for outsized returns and portfolio diversification through private equity investment. But how do you select a fund (and a fund manager)?

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selecting a private equity manager

Critical Considerations When Selecting a Private Equity Manager

Editor’s Note: This is an updated version of a similar article published on February 3, 2016. This article updates, amends and supersedes that earlier article. Nobody Said It Was Easy (Selecting a Private Equity Manager) Selecting a private equity manager with whom to invest is crucial to achieving top-tier performance in an industry where the […]

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