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Bob Mander, founder of, spent much of his career dealing with mind-bending government acronyms like OSDBU, LORACS and SME.  A technical writer of government documents for 15 years, Mander also had a ‘big idea’ about how to demystify this kind of insider jargon. Over the years, he’s assembled what he calls a resource library where government workers, contractors, NGOs, elected officials, media and befuddled citizens alike can, among other things, quickly unravel the meaning of obscure government acronyms. Bringing that idea to life has been his passion for the last six years. Mander admits to his wonkyness. “What is a wonk? you may ask. A wonk is someone who can tell you if ‘anal’ and ‘retentive’ are hyphenated,” he explains. “Others say that the devil is in the details. A wonk will tell you that God inhabits the details. Wonks are not born, they’re made. Govlish, a demanding mistress, made me a wonk.”

Comprehending federal legal language

Understanding America’s Federal Legal Language

You don’t have to be a lawyer to understand the U.S. Legal System. Get to know types of federal laws and how to break down federal legal language.

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Scrabble letter art, representing investing abbreviations

Investment Abbreviations Can Spell out Big Bucks

Investing abbreviations prove shorthand isn’t just for Millennials. Find out how this entrepreneur turned a love for acronyms into an investable website.

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