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Richard Swart, PhD, is both an academic and policy expert in issues around innovation and FinTech. He advises major organizations and institutions globally and has provided expert assistance to the White House National Economic Council, the British Parliament, the World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others. He formerly directed two University of California research centers - UC Berkeley’s research center on innovations in entrepreneurial finance, and UC Irvine’s center for emerging technology, which is focused on FinTech and Social Impact. He is on the Board of the Center for Alternative Finance at the Judge Business School in Cambridge, England. Dr. Swart recently joined an early-stage VC fund——and is leading their expansion. He has worked for several family offices and funds. A sought after speaker, he has lectured on five continents. Having recently focused on blockchain and AI, he is a founding member of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS) a global, invite-only, private, member-driven ecosystem supporting blockchain projects across industries and for social impact. Collectively, SVBS current members represent more than $2 trillion in assets under management.

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How Blockchain Technology Will Change Finance Forever

The Financial Market is Reaping the Benefits of New Blockchain Technology Technological advancement is accelerating at an extraordinary rate. Yet, finance and capital markets, which operate within a restrictive regulatory environment, have been resistant to adapt to this phenomenon. The solution? New blockchain technology. The limited adoption that has occurred must co-exist with antiquated systems […]