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About Peter Feinberg

Peter Feinberg has more than 25 years’ experience representing primarily middle market companies in all aspects and many sectors of merger and acquisition transactions. Mr. Feinberg has successfully closed well over 100 merger and acquisition transactions, representing buyers and sellers, public and privately held companies, multinational firms, family owned businesses and private equity firms. He is a sole practitioner in San Francisco. He has previously been a partner at Thelen Reid & Priest and Ferrari Ottoboni and Of Counsel at Hoge Fenton; and has worked in house at NetApp and Clorox.

letter of intent

The First Step to Purchase: The Letter of Intent

The letter of intent to purchase or acquire a business is the first step in the M&A process. As a seller, these are the terms to look for in an LOI.

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Letters of Intent (LOI)

Reading and Writing a Letter of Intent

Think of the LOI as akin to a father asking his daughter’s date, “What are your intentions with my daughter, young man?” but doesn’t have to be that intimidating.

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The Letter of Intent - In Detail

The Letter of Intent – In Detail

The first significant, substantive document in most business sales or any merger & acquisition transactions is generally the letter of intent. This may also be called a memorandum of understanding, expression of interest, indication of interest, or term sheet, but for purposes of this article, all of these terms will collectively be referred to as a letter of intent.

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