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Peter Eickelberg currently serves as a Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer of Alpha Fiduciary, a $500 million+ investment advisor based in Phoenix, AZ. Prior to this position, he led the investment department for a large cross-border wealth management firm that specialized in Canadian migrants, and before that he was a broker with a highly-ranked national discount brokerage firm. This varied background has given Peter a broad perspective on private wealth management.

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An Urban Dictionary to Help You Speak with Financial Advisors

An Urban Dictionary Education in Terms Anyone with the Internet has probably heard of, the crowdsourced, online dictionary for slang words and phrases that contains plenty of “NSFW” content. (To spare you the trouble/consequence of going there, NSFW means “Not Suitable For Work.”) Have you ever wanted something like an Urban Dictionary education to […]

Financial Advisors Biases

Understanding your Financial Advisor’s Biases

Bias is Bias, for You and for Them The past several decades have produced countless articles on the topic of “behavioral finance.” But what exactly is behavioral finance? This little-known field examines how people make decisions with their money. It identifies things like patterns of incorrect thinking and predictable mistakes. Most authors writing about behavioral […]

tax-efficient portfolio investing client

Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management: Tips and Tricks for Investors

Fiduciaries must also offer a careful review of the probable tax impact of any investment strategy — without a tax-efficient focus, their work remains incomplete.