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About Peter Eickelberg

Peter Eickelberg currently serves as a Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer of Alpha Fiduciary, a $500 million+ investment advisor based in Phoenix, AZ. Prior to this position, he led the investment department for a large cross-border wealth management firm that specialized in Canadian migrants, and before that he was a broker with a highly-ranked national discount brokerage firm. This varied background has given Peter a broad perspective on private wealth management.

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A dictionary for financial advisor terminology

The Financial Urban Dictionary: A Financial Planning Glossary to Help You Speak with Your Advisor

Don’t let fancy financial advisor language intimidate you. This financial planning glossary explains the jargon with flare.

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man talks on telephone, symbolizing behavioral finance biases

Understanding Behavioral Finance and Your Financial Advisor’s Biases

Your advisor is not immune to behavioral finance biases, such as overconfidence or loss aversion. How does behavioral finance affect your investments?

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Rent-seeking behavior

Shakedown Street: A Tale of Unethical Business Practices

A parking ticket can teach you a lot about unethical business practices. Find out how rent-seeking behavior affects consumers and society. 

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