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Co-Founder & COO of artizone.

investing in consumer packaged goods

Three Reasons the Consumer Goods Industry Should Be On Every Investor’s Radar

Consumer trends are changing rapidly due to technology, social consciousness and emerging industries, making the consumer goods industry an exciting one to consider adding to your portfolio.

What's Your Food Consumption

Three Reasons Consumer Goods Should Be Part of Every Investor’s Portfolio

Often investors don’t see the immediate value of the consumer goods industry and many dismiss the industry as a non-factor when thinking about diversifying their portfolios. Perhaps the overall perception of consumer goods as slow and steady when it comes to growth is not as exciting as the ups and downs that can be a big part of investing in areas such as real estate or startups. However, the tide is turning and more and more investors are starting to take a hard look at consumer goods as a viable option that can lead to significant returns.