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Leading With Courage® Academy (LWCA) is dedicated to helping the leaders of and advisors to employee- and family-owned organizations be more effective builders of healthier, sustainable, thriving businesses that strive to do what's right for all of their stakeholders. Our advisory services are focused on leadership development, self-awareness and succession planning. Our assessments, workshops, and processes are data-based, guided by real- world experience, and proven in the market which, I believe are why our clients tell us that more than 75% of what they've learned from us can be used right away. Lee spent 23 years with SC Johnson as a finance and operations executive in the US and Europe. He has also been the Chief Operating Officer of both a Top 5 and Top 50 CPA firm and received his MBA from Northwestern University. Lee is the author of four books on leadership and is working on his fifth that features lessons from leaders of ESOPs. He's also an Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council and publishes regularly on

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a young woman leads an office meeting, representing leadership communication skills

Improve Your Leadership Communication Skills and Make a Bigger Impact, Sooner

Develop better leadership communication skills by understanding the importance of feedback and showing your team members greater humility.

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man in suit points, symbolizing leading with courage

Leading with Courage Begins with Following Feedback

Leading with courage means being open to improvement. Learn more about the qualities you can develop for more thoughtful leadership.

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