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Leading With Courage® Academy (LWCA) is dedicated to helping the leaders of and advisors to employee- and family-owned organizations be more effective builders of healthier, sustainable, thriving businesses that strive to do what's right for all of their stakeholders. Our advisory services are focused on leadership development, self-awareness and succession planning. Our assessments, workshops, and processes are data-based, guided by real- world experience, and proven in the market which, I believe are why our clients tell us that more than 75% of what they've learned from us can be used right away. Lee spent 23 years with SC Johnson as a finance and operations executive in the US and Europe. He has also been the Chief Operating Officer of both a Top 5 and Top 50 CPA firm and received his MBA from Northwestern University. Lee is the author of four books on leadership and is working on his fifth that features lessons from leaders of ESOPs. He's also an Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council and publishes regularly on

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Succession Planning

How Strong is Your Business Succession Plan?

When building your business succession plan, commitment to organizational depth and strength are key. Avoid making these common mistakes.

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Accelerated Pace of Change

Can Your Organization Survive Through Today’s Accelerating Pace of Change?

Exponential growth in technology and market disruptions are putting pressure on companies to accelerate their organizational pace of change.

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How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

Learn How to Delegate Using 2 Simple Questions

Effective delegation frees up time for leaders to work on bigger projects. But in order to delegate successfully, ask yourself two questions.

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Millennials in the workforce

Millennials in the Workplace Want These 4 Qualities in a Company

Millennials in the workplace just want the same as earlier generations. Strong purpose and transparent management can help retain your talent.

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Toxic workplace environment

How Toxic Workplace Culture Defines a Company…and How to Fix It

You can change a toxic workplace culture, but it requires more than firing a problematic “rainmaker.” Ask the team: what’s not tolerated here?

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Leadership succession planning

It’s Never Too Early to Start Leadership Succession Planning

Leadership succession planning should not wait until the business needs a shake up. Develop talent and leaders in good times and bad.

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Woman wearing a blue suit, representing overconfident leaders and confidence in business leaders

The Danger of Overconfident Leaders in Business

Overconfident leaders hurt company culture and make costly mistakes. True confidence in leadership requires dialogue. What conversations you should have?

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businesspeople talking, representing shameless self=promotion at work

Tips for Self-Promotion at Work for the Leader Who Wants to be Noticed

Good leaders don’t reward shameless self-promotion—or dutiful silence. Learning how to be a leader is the best route for self-promotion at work.

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business executive screams, representng bad company culture and changing i

Repairing Bad Company Culture from the Top

Bad company culture exists when leaders tolerate unethical behavior and deny problems. Changing workplace culture starts with eliminating arrogance.

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businessman shouting through a megaphone, representing bad leadership

Correcting Bad Leadership: Actions Speak Louder Than Intentions

Leadership action is more important than words or intentions. Avoid bad leadership qualities by demonstrating kindness and keeping promises.

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