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Jason Stevens is dedicated to helping investors design personalized investment portfolios focused on natural resources. Jason leverages his and his colleagues' extensive technical knowledge of the resource sector to provide valuable information and peerless service to his clients. Jason has spent the last 12 years working closely with mining and petroleum engineers, influential industry executives, and economic geologists. A dedicated self-starter, Jason started his career with Sprott on the equity trading desk where he honed his understanding of domestic and foreign equity, commodity, and currency markets. He has extensive experience with private placements, short selling, equity derivatives and options strategies. In 2003, Jason assisted in servicing clients holding over $150 million in resource-related investments. Jason has been a featured contributor to industry sites such as Resource Investing News, Financial Survival Network, and Accredited Investor Markets. Jason is a supporter and promoter of the Austrian School of Economics and spends his free time instructing Krav Maga, the official self-defense system of Israel Defense Force.

food scarcity

The Risk of Food Scarcity Creates a Need for Investment

Agriculture, as an investment sector, is in its infancy. Even though agriculture accounts for 3% of global economic activity, related public markets are still severely under-developed. In addition, the sector has recently been out-of-favor; so many investors are either ignoring or overlooking its longer-term potential.

The Fortune of Oil

Natural Resource Expert Jason Stevens Discusses the Fortunes of Oil: a Q & A

QUESTION: Oil prices have fallen at the same time as the US dollar has strengthened versus gold. Coincidence? I suspect the strength of the US dollar starting in July 2014 initiated the selloff in oil prices.  There has been a very clear inverse correlation between oil prices and the dollar for many years.  The following […]