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Joshua Lyons, is the owner of Joshua Lyons Marketing, LLC and the co-founder of CRE Marketing Group. He began his marketing career upon graduation from the University of West Florida in 2009, with an education in public relations and marketing. After many years of marketing, in commercial real estate, hospitality and other industries, Joshua began his own online marketing company, Joshua Lyons Marketing, LLC. He launched his business in 2015 and continues to provide marketing services to clients around the united states and in multiple industries. His clients range from individual professionals to international organizations. His core services include website development, search engine optimization and content writing. Joshua Lyons is also an avid blogger, providing regular content on his company website. All content is centered around online marketing.

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Online Marketing 101

Online Marketing Orientation for Entrepreneurs: Part 3/3

Your company has decided which marketing tactics to use, now how do you use digital marketing analytics tools? Learn about google analytics and other tools.

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing Orientation for Entrepreneurs: Part 2/3

In Part 2 of the series on online marketing, we explore social media marketing strategy, email marketing, pay per click and blogging as effective tactics.

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Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Online Marketing Orientation for Entrepreneurs: Part 1/3

Read this first of three articles on online marketing for entrepreneurs, and learn the importance of building a website and mastering SEO.

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