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Jonathan Friedland is a partner with Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer, a law firm with offices in Chicago and New York City. Born and raised in a New York suburb, Friedland graduated SUNY-Albany magna cum laude in three years and then earned his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Friedland clerked for a federal judge during the one year immediately after law school, before entering private practice. Prior to joining SFGH, Friedland was a partner with Kirkland & Ellis, an adjunct professor of Strategic Management at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and the first visiting professor at the Clayton School of Entrepreneurial Law, at the University of Tennessee College of Law. He is also the founder of DailyDAC™ and Financial Poise™.

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Tesla is Not a Car Company

Tesla Is Not a Car Company

Tesla produces cars, but investors shouldn’t think of Elon Musk’s pet company as an auto manufacturer. Rather, Tesla seems primed to win big in another field.

Sending You Kid to College

Don’t Assume You Will Send Your Kids to College (And Why that is an Investment Thesis)

Is a university degree a good investment? The Economist Magazine asked this question last year and while the article concludes that statistics support the proposition that a college education generally makes good financial sense, it also concludes that, “like so much else in economics, [it] boils down to supply and demand.” In other words, a college education does not always make sense from a strictly financial perspective.

SEC lifts the ban. Time to re-think your portfolio?

SEC lifts the ban. Time to re-think your portfolio?

Accredited Investors Angel Investing Investing JOBS Act Hedge Funds

The JOBS Act and the Accredited Investor – Part 1

Accredited investors who are not experienced in making such investments will suffer some degree of information overload, as they get up to speed on these investment categories. There will also be scams and schemes designed to take advantage of their lack of knowledge.