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Jordan M. Fishfeld

About Jordan M. Fishfeld

Jordan Fishfeld is General Counsel and Partner at CoreGro, a firm that specializes in sourcing the rarest investment opportunities in global private equity and US real estate. He is also General Counsel and Executive Vice President at Hemp Africa and Board Member and Founder of The OpenFinance Network, a blockchain-based protocol and framework for the trading, clearing, and settlement of cryptocurrency security tokens and other alternative assets. Jordan is also active in the Jewish community, serving as a Board Member for KAHAL: Your Jewish Home Abroad, which gives the tens of thousands of Jewish students studying abroad each year the resources, tools, and connections they need to meaningfully engage with the Jewish community.

Blockchain for Cannabis Industry

2 Major Blockchain Use Cases for Small Business

There are hundreds of blockchain use cases for small businesses. Learn about two: cannabis supply chain and digitized assets.

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blockchain for small business

Why Blockchain for Small Business is the Future of Commerce

Blockchain for Small Business is a Must As a business owner, why should you care about blockchain for small business, cryptocurrency, token offerings and all these new terms and tech that have been buzzing about? For those of you that haven’t heard these terms and aren’t familiar with the space, you should search “Blockchain” or […]

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