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As an award-winning writer, John developed marketing communications initiatives for dozens of money managers for more than 20 years. John combines editorial skill and marketing knowledge in helping advisors, money managers and service providers to grow and retain assets.

2018 IRA alerts

2018 IRA Alerts Investors Will Want to Know

The tax prep season perennially stirs financial advisors to reach out to their retirement-minded clients to review asset allocation strategies. There are several 2018 IRA alerts and reminders that may make this tax season a little smoother for everyone. 2018 IRA Alerts May Affect Tax Season Strategies One strategy that received a boost in 2017 […]

Mainstream Alternative Investments

Beyond the Fringe: The Evolution of Mainstream Alternative Investments

Mainstream Alternative Investments Defy Tradition It wasn’t too long ago that investments in commodities, real estate or hedge funds were considered somewhat exotic. That may be all about to change if recent surveys prove correct. According to one paper, “Alternatives in the Mainstream,” based on a 2017 survey by InvestmentNews and developed with Blackstone, “Traditionally […]

gold investments

Gold Investments Remain a Stable Choice Despite Economic Uncertainty

The Gold Standard Skittish Baby Boomers and their financial advisors seeking retirement investments that might act as a shock absorber to their portfolios during volatile times are increasingly turning to the age-old fallback plan: Gold investments. This enduring asset class once again appears to be a standby option for those made nervous because of heightened […]

private equity retirement planning

Six Ways Private Equity Can Play a Role in Retirement Plans

Ready for retirement and looking for rollover IRA ideas? Check out these six ways private equity plays an important role in today’s retirement planning.

Alternative Investments When Stocks Decline

When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 2)

As noted in part 1, the impact of asset allocation on volatility and returns has been widely debated, but a landmark study showed that diversifying among a variety of asset classes and keeping a steady allocation by rebalancing accounted for 93.6% of the variation in the quarterly returns of the 91 large U.S. pension funds included in the study for the period 1974 to 1983.

Alternative Investments When Stocks Decline

When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 1)

Stock prices have been rising for more than six years. Are you prepared if they start to fall? No one knows, of course, when that will happen – but historically it always has. Maybe stock prices will continue rising short term, but being prepared for a potential drop by diversifying your portfolio with alternative investments could help prevent major losses.