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civil litigation

Anatomy of a Trial

This CLE online webinar, Anatomy of Trial, introduces the different components and phases of civil litigation — including motion in limine and much more.

Priorities for Success: Simple Advice

There’s a lot of ways to be successful. A venture capitalist succeeds when their start-up investment nets a million dollars the first year. A successful writer may get a book on a best-seller list. A parent’s definition of success is very different.

One-on-One With Lex Sokolin of Autonomous Research

Autonomous Research is the leading independent research firm covering the financial services industry globally.

Financially Fit in Your 40s

Check out the winning essays from the 2016 Financial Poise Essay Contest: Financially Fit in Your 40s.

4 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader

Read these four Life Hack tips on how to become a better leader. Although these tips won’t guarantee that you’ll become a better leader, you may consider using them to change your leadership methods in the future:

Military Saving For Retirement

Military Saving for Retirement

Military life comes with its own unique struggles and benefits, the military retirement plan being just one of them. This paper intends to explore the ramifications of the new military retirement plan and other military financial experiences.

Save for the Future, But Live for the Now

We are pleased to publish the winning essays from the 2016 Financial Poise Essay Contest: Financially Fit in Your 40s.

A Few Minutes With…Michelle Huhnke

Michelle M. Huhnke is a partner with the Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer law firm in Chicago and New York, focusing her practice on estate planning, charitable planning and wealth preservation. She works with clients and families to develop estate plans that address varied family circumstances and include efficient estate, gift and generation-skipping tax planning.

Is Gold the Answer to Brexit? Consider This…

The decision of the UK to withdraw from the European Union, known colloquially as Brexit, has left many scrambling to get a sense of what’s next for the global marketplace. For some, turning to gold as a reliable investment is the obvious answer. After all, it is a tangible good, which is universally recognized as a form of currency; as opposed to print money, which is more vulnerable to economic crises. However, gold is not necessarily as steady of an asset as many would believe.


The BAM ALLIANCE , a group of more than 140 independent wealth management firms throughout the United States, Friday reacted to Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union, and what it may mean to you. Here is the organization’s full statement.

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