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Financial Poise helps trusted advisors (accountants, attorneys, business brokers, consultants, financial advisors, investment bankers, etc.) by providing a meritocracy-based platform on which to demonstrate their thought leadership.

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Architecture representing real estate property

The Ups and Downs of Residential Real Estate Investments

Residential real estate is abundant and leasing terms are straight forward, but heavy maintenance may fall on the investor. Are residential real estate investments right for you?

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Conservative investor allocating assets

Laws of Attraction: Can a Conservative Investor Love Venture Capital?

You can be a conservative investor and dabble in venture capital, despite its risks—it’s all about diversification and doing your homework.

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Seller financing a business

Seller Financing When Selling A Business

Seller financing a business is an often necessary way to tap more buyers, increase sale price and ease capital gains taxes. Here’s how to get the best deal.

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401k lawsuit

4 Steps All Companies Should Take to Protect Themselves from a 401(k) Lawsuit 

Avoid 401(k) lawsuits with these four important steps to ensure retirement plan options are transparent and reasonable.

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Band and audience, representing reasonable reliance

What ‘Animal House’ Can Teach Us About Reasonable Reliance in Fraud Cases

The boys of Delta Tau Chi unknowingly teach us about an important legal defense in fraud cases. What is reasonable reliance, and when is it effective?

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Choosing a Company Legal Structure

How Choosing Your Company Legal Structure Affects Business Down the Line

LLC? S corp? Pick your company legal structure wisely. The type of business entity you choose affects all facets of your business.

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Couple vacations at a waterfall, symbolizing the importance of finances in marriage

Finances in Marriage: 3 C’s to Address Discontent

Even with your life’s partner, money conversations are hard. Communication, collaboration, and control are your keys to a harmonious shared future.

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Two retirees hold hands as they consider retirement service providers.

Know When It’s Time to Switch Your Retirement Plan Service Provider

If your retirement plan service provider is non-compliant or charging high fees, it may be time to switch. Is it time to dump your 401k service provider?

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A path diverging in a wood, representing an opportunity for divestment and ESG investors

The Expected Appetite for Divestments

A divestment allows a company to sell off a subsidiary portion of its business to secure capital for its core business. How can this capital be used to grow a business?

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letter of intent

When Should a Seller Sign a Letter of Intent?

Buyers and Sellers have differing interests in signing a Letter of Intent. But, the seller will not proceed with the business transaction without one.

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