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civil litigation

Anatomy of a Trial

This CLE online webinar, Anatomy of Trial, introduces the different components and phases of civil litigation — including motion in limine and much more.

Priorities for Success: Simple Advice

There’s a lot of ways to be successful. A venture capitalist succeeds when their start-up investment nets a million dollars the first year. A successful writer may get a book on a best-seller list. A parent’s definition of success is very different.

Protect Your Passwords Cyber Security

How to Protect Your Passwords: 4 Tips

Having your identity stolen can ruin your business or your life, so learn these Life Hack tips to help you protect your passwords and keep your identity safe:

One-on-One With Lex Sokolin of Autonomous Research

Autonomous Research is the leading independent research firm covering the financial services industry globally.

Understanding WeChat, the App That’s Taken China by Storm

WeChat is a jack-of-all-trades app that can send messages, let you play games, pay your utility bills and schedule doctor’s appointments. But it can also flood your phones with updates that will leave you feeling overwhelmed.

How to Identify A Scam: 5 Tips

Follow these five Life Hack tips on how to identify a scam before you walk into one. Some scams are harder to discern from others, so use these five tips to protect yourself–and your money–from scammers.

Financially Fit in Your 40s

Check out the winning essays from the 2016 Financial Poise Essay Contest: Financially Fit in Your 40s.

4 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader

Read these four Life Hack tips on how to become a better leader. Although these tips won’t guarantee that you’ll become a better leader, you may consider using them to change your leadership methods in the future:

Military Saving For Retirement

Military Saving for Retirement

Military life comes with its own unique struggles and benefits, the military retirement plan being just one of them. This paper intends to explore the ramifications of the new military retirement plan and other military financial experiences.

How to Protect Your Ideas and Intellectual Property 

Follow these Life Hack tips that explain how to protect your idea and intellectual property from thieves. It could save you millions of dollars down the line:

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