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Carrie Weiner Rosenbloom

About Carrie Weiner Rosenbloom

Carrie is a therapist and licensed attorney in Connecticut with a specialization in divorce mediation and parenting plans. She also runs CT Relational Therapy, LLC and holds a Master's Degree from Fairfield University.

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feeling important

The Importance of Feeling Important: Is Humility Thwarting Your Happiness?

Personal value is the key to personal success. If we aren’t feeling important or valued, or if we don’t value ourselves, then the likelihood of achieving our goals in a meaningful way is pretty low. This is true in business and at home. This makes us wonder how some people can be so successful at […]

Business Leadership

Real Leadership: Don’t Rely on the Fix-It Mentality

In business (and in life), real leadership requires empathy and compassion. Too many corporate executives see every worker’s problem as a quick solution-in-waiting.

Leadership: A mindest and skillset

Leadership: A Mindset and a Skillset

Natural leadership is not the same thing as effective leadership. So, how do you develop effective leadership? You work at it.

business relationships win friends influence people

CIRCULAR CAUSALITY: Easy Tool to Win Friends and Influence People

When there is an issue to resolve, there is a different approach than deciding who is right and who is at fault. Think of it in terms of circular causality. In other words, how do your actions influence people? And, how does the action of others influence you?

Emotional reactivity in personal professional relationships

Emotional Reactivity: Don’t Give Your Brain Away

Take control of your personal and business relationships, and stop letting other people control your emotions.

Choosing Happiness

Relationships are work. Most couples don’t find that out until they are in the thick of it. It’s the secret our parents didn’t tell us. It is also the one that we are tending more and more to tell our kids. Building a life, raising children, and managing careers with another person can overwhelm even the most committed relationship. Two people carry with them two sets of needs and two sets of expectations. As life moves forward, it tends to get more complicated and couples can get lost along the way.

Bring up Your Baby A Different Way

Bringing Up Baby…In a Different Way

Having kids can upset the balance of a finely tuned couple. Suddenly, business as usual doesn’t work and change is inevitable. This change can happen seamlessly, with each person adapting to new roles quite naturally. Or it can be difficult. When the new roles and rules don’t correspond with the old ones, conflict between the couple is the typical result.

Life After Divorce or Loss

Preparation for life after divorce or loss can be very difficult. Life as a single adult is very different from life as you knew it. Much of what feels different in your day-to-day living can be attributed to a significant change in your routine.

The Point of the Triangle in Business Relationships

When two people can’t seem to manage conflict or a challenging situation between them, one or both will typically go-between tension by calling in a third person to help.

You Cannot Not Communicate

You Cannot Not Communicate

Couples frequently hire me when they are struggling the most. I get engaged for couple therapy when couples have exhausted their own attempts at problem solving and are feeling pretty hopeless. Or I am hired for divorce mediation, when couples are facing the end of their marriage, usually on the heels of some pretty unhappy months or even years.

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