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Billy Ray Valentine

About Billy Ray Valentine

Billy Ray Valentine (in a nod to the movie “Trading Places”) is the pseudonym of an AIMkts contributor who, while well known to AIMkts’s editorial team, must remain anonymous due to holding a day job that prevents him from being able to write publicly under his (or her) own name. Suffice it to say, Billy is an experienced accredited investor who, on his (or her) own account, has invested for more than 30 years across asset classes including start-ups, private equity, and various hard assets.

Macbook and iPhone, representing the purchase of Pre-IPO Shares

How Not to Buy Pre-IPO Shares Back Then: What About Today?

It’s A Whole New World We have published a number of articles to help investors understand how to purchase pre-IPO shares and the potential risks and rewards of doing so. The Beginning Our first foray into the area was an article written by Robert Rapp, “A New Private Trading Platform for Restricted Securities: Liquidity for […]

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