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Brian is the COO and Managing Director of Capital Innovators where he has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for investment funds and assisted its portfolio companies in raising over $375 MM; provided venture investment and management to more than 130 companies in the technology, consumer products, and energy-tech verticals; launched new business lines including fractional c-suite help for startups, corporate innovation partnerships, corporate Accelerators, university partnerships, early-education partnerships, and more. Brian also co-created the world's first energy tech Accelerator partnering a Fortune 500 energy utility, a statewide university system, and a top-ranked Accelerator.

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Artificial Intelligence

An AI Future is Coming: How Businesses and Investors are Capitalizing

Robots? Automation? Don’t be afraid! Here’s how an AI future offers opportunities to see returns for both businesses and investors.

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close-up of a gear shift, symbolizing how startup accelerators work

How Startup Accelerators Work to Grow Early-Stage Businesses

There are many avenues for fundraising, but accelerator programs come with unique resources. Find out how startup accelerators work to provide expertise and investments.

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