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Alan G. Orlowsky

About Alan G. Orlowsky

Alan G. Orlowsky, C.P.A., J.D., is the president of Orlowsky & Wilson, Ltd. Since 1980 he has helped individuals and small business owners plan for their future, build and preserve wealth, and minimize tax liability. His clients have ranged from young couples starting their families, to retired individual taxpayers and Fortune 500 corporate executives.

farmland, representing the investment value of physical, tangible assets

An Investor’s Guide to Productive Assets, Physical Assets and other Tangible Asset Types

Why Buy Farmland if You’re Not a Farmer? Tangible Assets Explained Individuals invest in tangible assets (called physical assets, hard assets, fixed assets and more, depending on the asset itself) because they are generally considered more stable in value than most commonly traded sovereign currencies and securities. When the world economy falters, many investors move […]

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